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On January 1, 2016, Directing Business Representative, Kevin L. Murch, was appointed to the IAM’s Midwest Territory Education Representative position.  Brother Murch’s responsibility will be to oversee and direct the education classes for the membership throughout the territory under the direction of General Vice President, Phil Gruber.  International President, Bob Martinez has placed a heavy emphasis on providing education to the rank and file membership in order to strengthen and grow the IAM.  Murch has already provided officer’s training for the newly elected executive board of Local 2525 which was sworn in at the January 2016 monthly meeting.

Brother Murch replaced former Education Representative, Edward Manhart, who now directs the Retirees, Community Service and Veterans department at IAM Headquarters in Upper Marlboro, MD.

Effective January 1, 2016, Dennis Mendenhall assumed the remainder of former DBR Kevin Murch’s term as Directing Business Representative of IAM District Lodge 5.  As per District bylaws, the delegates to the District went through an election process and by majority, voted in Brother Mendenhall.  Dennis was former shop chairman at the Minnesota Rubber plant in Watertown, SD for many years.  He was selected to serve as an IAM Grand Lodge Organizing Apprentice before being elected into the DBR position.

Brother Mendenhall brings many years of experience into the position.  He also served as IAM District Lodge 5 President, along with various other positions within his Local.  Mendenhall served as a delegate to the Joint Dakota Council of Machinists as well.