All posts for the month April, 2015

We have received TWO, back to back, favorable arbitration wins as of late!  The first decision was a class action grievance at CNH Industrial concerning the Company’s violation of the contract dealing with mandatory overtime outside a member’s job category.  Arbitrator Amedeo Greco ruled that the Company CANNOT mandate an employee to work overtime outside that employee’s regular job category.  They can only ask employees on a voluntary basis to work outside their regular job category on overtime.  This is a huge win for the Union, as the new HR group seemed to think they could interpret the contract however they saw fit.  Fortunately, our grievance/arbitration procedure forced the Company to fall back in line to what the contract intent is on this subject!

Also, on Friday April 17, 2015, Arbitrator Sharon Ellis, ruled that the Company unjust terminated Marty Schoenfeld, a Welder II at CNH Industrial.  She fully sustained the Union’s grievance and has ordered the Company to reinstate Mr. Schoenfeld with FULL BACK PAY AND BENEFITS!  We are in the process of calculating the total cost to the Company.  Justice has been served in both cases, Brothers and Sisters….

The Company is responsible for the full costs of the arbitrator’s fees in both cases which were around $6,700 and $7,000, respectively.