Weingarten Rights Notice:

Any employee has the right to Union representation when management questions an employee to obtain information and the employee has a reasonable belief that discipline or other adverse consequence may result from what he or she says. Your Union strongly suggests that you exercise this right.

Having a steward present can help in many ways

Brothers and Sisters, I’m saddened to inform you of the passing of Herman Bryn. Herman was instrumental in the formation of our Union. Celebration of Life details can be found on our Facebook page, and on Inforum.com



The 2018 dates for the next monthly meetings are as follows:


April 13             May 11          June 8

July 13               Aug 10          Sept 14


All meetings start at 3:15 PM. Regular business will be conducted,as well as open discussion on upcoming events. Please attend if at all possible.

The Industrial Conference will prepare IAM representatives and members in several key economic sectors to better meet the challenges of organizing and bargaining in today’s fast-paced economic environment.

The conference will feature general sessions for all delegates and breakout sessions of six individual industrial sector groups: Energy, Natural Resources, Wood Products and Agriculture; Aerospace and Service Contract Act; Automotive; Public and Government Employees; Tool and Die/Machine Tool; and Shipbuilding/Brewery/Electronics and Manufacturing. It is a unique opportunity for members working in these sectors to share experiences and develop strategies for successful bargaining and organizing.

Registration will be on Monday, June 15 and early on June 16, open Tuesday, June 16 and conclude by noon on Friday, June 19. The conference will be chaired by IAM General Vice President Robert Martinez, Jr., and International President Tom Buffenbarger will deliver the keynote address.

Our local has voted to send 4 members to attend this important conference in order to bring back the knowledge and information to implement ideas and strategies to move our local forward!  We look forward to the wealth of information our members will bring back and put to good use!

We have received TWO, back to back, favorable arbitration wins as of late!  The first decision was a class action grievance at CNH Industrial concerning the Company’s violation of the contract dealing with mandatory overtime outside a member’s job category.  Arbitrator Amedeo Greco ruled that the Company CANNOT mandate an employee to work overtime outside that employee’s regular job category.  They can only ask employees on a voluntary basis to work outside their regular job category on overtime.  This is a huge win for the Union, as the new HR group seemed to think they could interpret the contract however they saw fit.  Fortunately, our grievance/arbitration procedure forced the Company to fall back in line to what the contract intent is on this subject!

Also, on Friday April 17, 2015, Arbitrator Sharon Ellis, ruled that the Company unjust terminated Marty Schoenfeld, a Welder II at CNH Industrial.  She fully sustained the Union’s grievance and has ordered the Company to reinstate Mr. Schoenfeld with FULL BACK PAY AND BENEFITS!  We are in the process of calculating the total cost to the Company.  Justice has been served in both cases, Brothers and Sisters….

The Company is responsible for the full costs of the arbitrator’s fees in both cases which were around $6,700 and $7,000, respectively.

On Saturday October 21, and Sunday October 22, 2017, the 4th Annual Buffenbarger- Walworth Flatlanders’ Pheasant Hunt and Trap Shoot for Guide Dogs of America will be held in Aberdeen, SD.  Guide Dogs of America is a non-profit organization supported by the generosity of individuals, foundations, corporations, and other organizations in its mission to provide loyal and loving guide dogs free of charge to blind and visually-impaired individuals.

Local Lodge 2525 is also a sponsor of this event.  Guide Doge of America was created by an IAM member who saw a great need in helping those who were blind and visually-impaired.  We take great pride as the organization who has helped many citizens who are in need of these great animals!